(Photo by Erica Baker for Sole Hope)

    This fall, we’ll be partnering with Sole Hope, an incredible organization making an impact in Jinja, Uganda through vital medical care, education, and job creation.   

    Sole Hope's core purpose it to effectively put in place preventive methods to combat diseases that enter through the feet and to create a positive physical and psychological difference in the lives of individuals in impoverished communities. They accomplish this through: 

  • Accountability to communities, partners, donors, and each other.

  • Courage to innovate, to risk, to lead.

  • Empowerment of citizens, families and local institutions.

  • Partnership on the ground, with other organizations, and at all levels of government.

  • Transparency in what we do, what it costs, and what is working.

    Using donated cameras, Picture Change will teach basic photography skills to Ugandan teenagers connected with Sole Hope to document the stories of their lives, family and community through the camera lens. Picture Change will:

  • Foster a sense of confidence and self-worth within the students in their ability to play an active role in documenting their lives and community.

  • Positively impact the community:

    • Conduct a photography service project where students will put their new skills in action and see the positive impact they can have on others

    • Host a local gallery show to encourage pride and local involvement as well as provide a tangible celebration of the students’ hard work

  • Establish a sustainable plan and technical training for a local student/leader to continue the photography program after the initial Picture Change project.