January - March, 2011

Picture Change began in 2011 in the tiny Pacific-coast fishing village of Padre Ramos, Nicaragua.

What began as a brief humanitarian photography trip became lasting relationships with the community, beginner’s photography classes, seventeen eager students, and an eight-week project ending in a gallery show and the birth of “Picture Change.”

Our students learned basic photography skills which progressed into documentary storytelling: capturing themselves, their family, and their village through the lens of a few donated cameras. 

Partner organization: 

Together Works Nicaragua

We were able to host a “give back” day in which the students assisted in providing printed portraits to over 120 families of Padre Ramos. We also had the opportunity to travel with some of our older students to Limonal, a landfill village near Chinandega, Nicaragua, and build relationships with the individuals living there. These families invited the students into their homes, allowing the students to photograph their lives, their families, and their work in the landfill.

The project ended with a fantastic gallery show among three palm-thatch cabanas near the beach. The students invited their families and the entire community out for an afternoon of food, music, and photography. They were truly celebrated for their hard work and beautiful photography, setting a precedent for Picture Change projects to come.  

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