November - December, 2013

In 2013, Picture Change returned to Padre Ramos, Nicaragua for a project unlike any other we've done. We selected five of our original students from 2011 and spent a few weeks learning in-depth documentary and interviewing techniques. We were joined by cinematographer Jesse Carr and embarked on a two-week journey around Nicaragua. 

Our purpose was three-fold: 

·      Allowed the students to see and experience the vibrant culture and locations of their country

·      Empowered them as storytellers for their own people and raise awareness of issues facing their country

·      Provided an opportunity to learn about themselves as they journeyed out of the familiar and into the unknown.


Working through this method of storytelling has allowed the students to evoke compassion, action, and funding through their own work and empowered them to create positive change in their community.

We held a gallery show of the students' work in Padre Ramos after our journey. The community reaction was incredible, piquing interest of 'foreign' places so different, yet similar than their own. One elderly woman who had never been further than 30 minutes from her village marveled at the photos and told our students, "These photographs are very important. Thank you."  

Gallery links:

Student Photos

Behind the scenes