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We're excited to finally get a chance to put a face with a name! "Interview" sounds so formal so let's think of it more as a conversation! It's an opportunity to chat, ask questions, and continue the dialog of what this trip is about. It helps give us a better sense of who you are and gives you a better sense of what's on the horizon. Also, building a solid team is important to us! We limit our group size to 5 because, while this experience is thoughtfully and carefully planned, we want to do our best to allow the space to try and meet you in specific areas of interest. So, no need to sweat about it! Jot down those questions and let's chat!

Once your availability is submitted, we'll confirm an exact time. Conversations are expected to last around 20-30 minutes so keep that in mind when you submit the days and times you're free. 

If you have any specific questions regarding scheduling, feel free to email us at 

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